Dream Theater’s former drummer, Mike Portnoy, recently posted a video on his Instagram account and gave more details about Translatlantic’s upcoming album(s) while sharing the video of their new record’s third single in which he is the lead vocalist.

Mike Portnoy is famous for his work as the drummer of Dream Theatre, for forming the supergroup Liquid Tension Experiment in 1997, and for being the drummer and long-term member of the rock supergroup Transatlantic. Transatlantic had released their last album back in 2014 and after taking a 7-year-long break, the supergroup decided to release a new album.

The band’s new album ‘The Absolute Universe‘ is expected to be released on February 5, 2021, and the band has already released two singles from their new album. Just some hours ago, Transatlantic launched the video of ‘Looking For The Light,’ which is the third single of ‘The Absolute Universe.’ Mike Portnoy seems to be the lead vocalist of this track and his performance and singing skills were highly appreciated by his fans.

Alongside the release of their album’s third single, Mike Portnoy also revealed that ‘The Absolute Universe’ will be released in three different versions, namely; ‘The Absolute Universe: The Breath Of Life (Abridged Version)’ and ‘The Absolute Universe: Forevermore (Extended Version).’ Aside from these two versions, there will be a third version ‘The Absolute Universe: The Ultimate Edition,’ which combines both versions into one package and includes 3CDs, 5LPs, and even a Blu-ray with visuals and a behind the scenes documentary.

Here’s what the caption of Mike Portnoy’s recent Instagram post read:

“TRANSATLANTIC launch video for ‘Looking For The Light;’ third single from ‘The Absolute Universe’

Transatlantic – the Prog Supergroup of Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Roine Stolt & Pete Trewavas – are pleased to announce their fifth studio album ‘The Absolute Universe,’ set for release on the 5th February 2021. Representing the band’s first new music since 2014’s ‘Kaleidoscope,’ with ‘The Absolute Universe’ the band have done something unique and created two versions of the record: ‘The Absolute Universe: The Breath Of Life (Abridged Version)‘ & ‘The Absolute Universe: Forevermore (Extended Version).’

Today they have launched the video for ‘Looking For The Light,’ a track which features on both versions of ‘The Absolute Universe.’

Watch it now on YouTube.”

Here’s what Portnoy said about Transatlantic’s new albums:

“Mike Portnoy comments: ‘Looking For The Light is one of the heavier tracks on The Absolute Universe. In the tradition of Transatlantic sharing all lead vocals, this track gave me my showcase to deliver the lead vocals as it called for a bit more of an aggressive approach.

This is one of the few tracks that remains primarily the same and appears on both versions of the album. However, not content to keep it simple, the version included on the music video is actually a unique version which combines both Looking For The Light and its Reprise from later in the album into one combined version available only here in this video.’

Each album will be available on CD, LP & Digitally. But there will also be what has been called ‘The Absolute Universe: The Ultimate Edition,’ which collects both versions together in one lavish package that includes 5LP’s, 3CD’s & a Blu-ray that includes a special mix that combines both versions into a third unique version in 5.1 surround sound with visuals and a behind the scenes documentary. All editions have artwork created by Thomas Ewerhard featuring the airship by Pavel Zhovba.”

You can click here to check out the video that Mike Portnoy posted on his Instagram account and listen to ‘Looking For The Light’ below.