Former Dream Theater drummer, Michael Stephen Portnoy was recently interviewed by Avenged Sevenfold bassist, Johnny Christ and revealed the never-told-before story of why he decided to leave Dream Theater.

As you might read his statements below, Mike admitted that he needed a break from his bandmates on the latest episode of “Drinks With Johnn.”

Here are his statements, transcribed by BlabberMouth.

“I think we were both what each other needed at that time. I think you guys needed to get back on your feet…

That’s the way I felt like — like I was there to help you guys. And you guys, whether you knew it or not, you were there at a good time for me too, because I was 25 years into Dream Theater at that point, and I was fried, and I was burnt. And I just needed a break.

And touring with you guys was very refreshing for me, and it showed me that there’s more out there than just the little Dream Theater bubble that I had been in for 25 years. So you guys were really good for me at that point as well; you kind of opened up my eyes to other things.”

Mike Portnoy continued:

“I pretty much made the decision that I needed a break from those guys; I needed to be able to explore other things, whether it be with you guys, or if it was not with you guys [but] with something else.

And I knew that — I knew that it wouldn’t necessarily work out between you guys and me, because I didn’t know if you were ready to make a commitment.”

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