During a recent interview with ‘World Prog-Nation,’ Sons of Apollo drummer Mike Portnoy has revealed why he doesn’t want to talk about his former band, Dream Theater.

Mike Portnoy said that he sometimes faced difficulties and harsh reactions by his fans when interacting with his fans on social media.

He continued his words and stated that he was trying to be sincere on social media but he decided not to talk about this issue because of the reactions that he faced.

For these reasons, Mike said that he no longer wants to talk about his former band and added that he is careful to his words for misunderstood by the fans.

Here’s what Mike Portnoy said:

“I’m trying to learn how to bite my tongue as much as I can.

I told you before we started [the interview] I don’t wanna talk about Dream Theater, because even in the case of them, even when I try to say something nice, like, ‘Oh, I miss those guys,’ or whatever, then even that gets misinterpreted.”

He continued:

“People are, like, ‘Oh, he’s lingering on the band,’ or, ‘He misses them.’ Or blah blah blah. Without getting into a Dream Theater question, I’m saying even when I say something nice, it somehow gets twisted, and it’s frustrating — it’s really frustrating.

But what am I gonna do? I’m not gonna not do interviews. There are some people that would just shut down and stop doing interviews. I’m not gonna let social media shut me up. I just try to be careful.”

Watch the full interview below.

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