The Circle drummer and ex-Dream Theater member Mike Portnoy took to his official Twitter account to criticize Donald Trump and his gatherings and explained why this is not about politics.

Before Trump got tested positive for coronavirus, he had been doing meetings and gatherings with his followers without following the social distancing rules and wearing masks.

Mike criticized this behavior of Trump and his followers by saying that they are sending the wrong messages to the American people even at the time everybody has to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

Furthermore, Mike said that this is beyond politics because this problem is threatening the lives of the country. While saying this, he also wrote that we can get through this together.

Here is what Mike Portnoy said:

“Again, I don’t wish this upon anybody but these ridiculous Trump rally’s & gatherings were incredibly selfish and irresponsible and really sending the wrong message to Americans who need to understand that masks and social distancing have to happen for us to get back on track!

I really hope the lesson has now been learned & everybody begin to act more responsibly. I want to get back to playing concerts again but it ain’t gonna happen until the whole country begins to act responsibly. It’s not a political!! It’s about common sense & respect for others…

I’m warning the negative trolling tweets to stop it (‘stick to drums,’ ,’what about the protests?’, etc) This is not about politics anymore… This is about the country’s safety and recovery! I am on a blocking spree to all the trolls… Let’s get through this together!”

You can read the tweets below.