Former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy spoke in an interview with Rockhok and spoke about his drummer son, Max Portnoy’s, drumming abilities. He said:

It’s amazing. Some of the proudest things of my life have been things that he’s done, not things that I’ve done, like he won ‘Best New Drummer’ in Rhythm magazine in 2015. To me, that was, like, bigger and better than any award I’ve ever won.

Seeing him open for me through the years with different bands — they’ve opened for [THE] WINERY DOGS and ADRENALINE MOB and METAL ALLEGIANCE, so every time, it’s such a feeling of pride. And he keeps getting better and better and better, and [NEXT TO NONE] keeps growing and developing and progressing.

I think the DREAM THEATER fans can appreciate a lot of the elements. A lot of their elements are also very heavy, very new and modern. It reminds me back in DREAM THEATER, like, if we were touring with MEGADETH, I’d write a setlist that was really heavy.

If we were touring with YES, I’d write a setlist that’s really prog, and they’re kind of the same — they could put together a prog setlist of long, long, epic songs, or they could put together a setlist of all the LAMB OF GOD, SLIPKNOT-style stuff. I love that diversity about them.”

You can watch the entire interview below.