Drum legend Mike Portnoy was seperated from Dream Theater in 2010. In a recently interview, Portnoy revealed his unheard feelings about Dream Theater and leaving the band.

Mike Portnoy was interviewed by Noisefull. He tells one thing his miss about Dream Theater. He said:

“The only thing I miss, to be honest, is being the captain of a ship. After I left Dream Theater, all of the things I’ve done, in all of those cases I’ve never been the clear leader. Everything I’ve done – Flying Colors, The Winery Dogs – they’re more collaborative roles, and to be honest, I do miss the amount of control that I had in Dream Theater.

I was able to make 90% of the decisions and direction in Dream Theater on my own and didn’t really discuss everything and those guys kind of trusted me with that. So, I do kind of miss that.

One of the things about being in a band is that sometimes the collaborative process can be great, but it’s also incredibly frustrating at times. Having to go through a hundred e-mails on every single decision sometimes, you pull your hair out of your head and I miss the days that I had in Dream Theater, where I ran the show. But, honestly, it’s OK, because that was then and this is now.”

Seems like, he is really miss Dream Theater. I wish he could go back again to Dream Theater, it would be great.