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Legendary Dream Theater drummer and Sons Of Apollo member Mike Portnoy’s son, Max Portnoy, spoke in a recent interview with Music Radar and revealed if he learned playing drums from his dad or not.

In the conversation, Max stated that Mike was not the inspiration source for him even though he knew Mike did awesome stuff with Dream Theater. Later on, he revealed that Slipknot’s Joey Jordison and Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler were the two drummers that inspired him a lot.

Furthermore, Max unveiled that he did not get any lessons from Mike and said that Mike just taught him some great tricks. Also, Max stated that he learned playing drums from Todd Schied in California.

Here is what Max Portnoy said:

“Growing up, I didn’t really think anything different. It was just my dad doing whatever his job was! I don’t think it was until I was maybe 12 or 13 where I was like, ‘Oh! My dad plays some pretty crazy parts!’

I do take a lot of influence from my dad because obviously I grew up hearing Dream Theater and watching him play, so a lot of his playing does inspire what I do.

But I’d say my two biggest metal influences are Joey Jordison and Chris Adler. They’ve been my go-to inspiration for my entire life! I’ve got to meet them both, Chris and Joey are both super-nice…”

Interviewer asked:

“Did you ever sit down for lessons with Mike?”

Max Portnoy replied:

“He showed me a couple of tricks here and there, but he doesn’t really teach me much! I got taught by this guy called Todd Schied. There’s this place in Bethlehem near me here called the Californian Drum Shop and I got lessons from him.

He’s pretty much taught me everything I know! My dad sort of shows me some of his signature fills that he does and stuff, but I got lessons from Todd ever since I was a little kid.

He’s amazing, he’s taught me everything from metal to jazz to Latin. He’s showed me everything, and it’s been really useful for me to understand more than just one style of drumming.”

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