The co-founder of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda, has shared exciting news on his Instagram account. Shinoda amazed fans with the announcement of his third Dropped Frames album.

As you might already know, Linkin Park’s latest album, One More Light, was released in 2017. Following the decease of the band’s lead vocalist, Chester Bennington, later in the same year, the band had led a rather passive presence. Other than the co-vocalist Mike Shinoda, band’s musical activities had pretty much come to a halt.

This being the case, Shinoda had released his first solo album Post Traumatic in 2018. Deciding that the virus was not going to keep him from creating, he presented his fans with three albums by streaming on Twitch.

The songwriter announced on his Instagram his third lockdown album, Dropped Frames, Volume 3, to be released today. Additionally, in his tweet, he encouraged the fans to listen to it with friends while staying safe in accordance with the regulations of the Coronavirus.

Here is what Shinoda said in his post:

“The third album of Dropped Frames music (Vol.3) comes out tomorrow! Take a listen, and share with friends (while wearing a mask and observing 6’ social distance or more).”

The Dropped Frames, Volume 1 was released on July 10, 2020. A collection of songs he composed at home with the support of his fans on the Twitch platform, the album was completely instrumental.

Another twitch-created album, Shinoda had released the following Dropped Frames, Volume 2 at the end of the same month, July 31. As the former, it had received great interest from the band’s supporters.

You can check out Shinoda’s Instagram post below.