Linkin Park’s co-founder and rhythm guitarist Mike Shinoda recently posted a series of stories on his Instagram and excited his followers with his new project in which he will try to reach vocalists and songwriters who have never been given the chance to shine.

As you may remember, Mike Shinoda made it to the headlines multiple times in the past year due to the unexpected albums he released with the inspiration and help of his fans. Mike Shinoda’s lockdown-outcomes were released in mid-July and the beginning of August. His two instrumental albums were created with the help of his listeners’ input, which he received during his Twitch live streams.

For the new year, Mike Shinoda decided to become more active on Twitch and give a chance to his listeners. As he spent most of 2020 listening to their inputs and making new music, this year he decided to switch positions with his listeners and instead listen to their work and if it’s good enough, produce their music.

Shinoda added that this is not a project which has been planned properly and strictly but rather something they’re trying out experimentally. He added that the A&R (Artists and Repertoire) or as he named them, his a&rmy consists of his Twitch listeners, who will be the ones responsible for bringing him new talents. Shinoda also stated that he will produce their songs online on Twitch and expressed how excited he is for this new project.

Here’s what Mike Shinoda said in his recent stories:

“Hey guys, I have a new kind of opportunity for you if you’re a songwriter or a vocalist. I was thinking that I want to do something different with my socials and my Twitch channel for 2021. And so today, we kind of came up with this in the chat on Twitch.

I want to find vocalists and songwriters who are out there who maybe don’t have access to good producers or knowledge yet about how to produce a track. I want to find you and take your vocal and your song, and I’ll produce it live on Twitch, and I’ll try and do that as often as I can.

Right now we’re approaching it really kind of loose. And I’ve tasked the community on twitch to be my A&R [Artists and Repertoire], we call it the a & r-my. They’re going to be my a&rmy, and they’re going to find talent and they’re going to bring them to me. Use the hashtag Shinoda-produce-me and talk to the other fans on Twitch to get yourself noticed.

There isn’t an organized contest about it or anything like that. It’s just going to be, you know, who do people think is cool, and if you get their attention, and you get my attention, then maybe I’ll produce your track live on Twitch.”

You can watch the stories that Mike Shinoda posted on his Instagram account below.