Linkin Park Live has posted a new announcement on Twitter and congratulated Linkin Park members for their massive success against Guns N’ Roses. After that, Mike Shinoda showed off his reaction to LP Live’s message on Twitter.

Guns N’ Roses’ ‘November Rain’ song was the most-watched rock music video of all time on Youtube with 1.334B. However, ‘Numb’ takes first place with 1.358B viewers from today.

After seeing this news from social media, Mike retweeted the post and celebrated this great moment with his fans. In this way, he also showed his gratitude to the fans.

Here is what the tweet says:

“Congratulations to Linkin Park! ‘Numb’ has now passed ‘November Rain’ by Guns N’ Roses to become the most-watched rock music video on YouTube!”

A fan user named Avid replied:

“Wooow! Congratulations Linkin Park! Well deserved.”

Another fan named Lennox wrote:

Brilliant news! Still a classic song in my opinion.”

You can check the tweet below.