Linkin Park‘s legendary member Mike Shinoda posted rarely seen pictures of the band members on Instagram taken while they were boxing the merchandise related to their 2000 album ‘Hybrid Theory.‘

As you might remember, for the last couple of weeks, Linkin Park members have been celebrating the 20th anniversary of their iconic album, ‘Hybrid Theory.’ The band’s debut studio album was initially released on October 24, 2000.

The four singles from the album, ‘One Step Closer,’ ‘In the End,’ ‘Crawling,’ and ‘Papercut,’ brought the mainstream popularity to Linkin Park. ‘Crawling’ even won the Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance back in 2002.

Recently on Instagram, Mike Shinoda posted the never-before-seen pictures of the band members taken while they were putting cassettes and stickers related to the ‘Hybrid Theory’ album into the boxes for Linkin Park fans. Shinoda mentioned that the photos were taken before they had a record deal, therefore, it was a time that they had to do everything by themselves.

Here’s what Mike Shinoda stated on the caption of his latest post:

“We’ve talked about ‘boxing up our packages for the street team’ back before we had a record deal, but I doubt you guys have ever seen the images.

Here’s me, Joe, Rob, and Jessica (our intern at the time) putting cassettes and stickers into boxes for fans. Joe is wearing our (at the time) brand new Hybrid Theory band shirt.”

You can see the photos Mike Shinoda posted on his Instagram account below.