Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda spoke in an interview with Kerrang and revealed Chester Bennington’s react to A&R (their label company), when they wanted Mike Shinoda fired. He said:

His loyalty was there from the very beginning. When we were recording [2000’s] ‘Hybrid Theory,’ we were basically a new band with a new record deal.

The label could have shelved us at any moment, and we were halfway through recording when our A&R started losing faith in us.

He took Chester aside and suggested he take the band over, or put me on keyboards, or even kick me out. He told him, ‘You’re the talent, you should make a rock record. You don’t need the rapping, you don’t need the rest of the guys…

Chester finished the conversation and came in to tell us. ‘So what did you say to him?’ I said.

‘I told him to go fuck himself,’ replied Chester. A lot of people would have been tempted! We had nothing. We had a record deal that hinged entirely on whether or not our A&R liked the album we were making, and he just told the guy to go fuck himself.

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