Mike Shinoda, who is the co-founder of Linkin Park, has shared a new tweet on his official Twitter account and revealed his yet another favorite album on social media.

Today is a very special day for the world-famous American band called ‘Rage Against the Machine’ because they are celebrating the 24th anniversary of their unforgettable album title ‘Evil Empire.” 

Mike Shinoda doesn’t forget the importance of the day of RATM and shared his favorite track from their album. He also called the ‘Evil Empire’ as one of his favorite albums of all time.

Here’s the what he wrote in the tweet:

“Happy 24th birthday to @RATM’s Evil Empire, one of my favorite albums. Steve Forbes intro’d them on SNL—after which they got kicked out, and didn’t get to play a second song.

The album debuted at #1. Watch:”

You can see the tweet of Mike and listen to Rage Against The Machine’s iconic ‘Evil Empire’ album right below.

Listen to the album of RATM below: