Linkin Park’s co-founder, primary lyricist, and rhythm guitarist Mike Shinoda posted a tweet on his Twitter account to announce that he became online on Twitch again which excited LP fans who remember what happened the previous time Shinoda was live on Twitch.

The pandemic has affected numerous people in different ways and while some rock artists have taken a break from creating music and touring, others like Mike Shinoda have been looking for alternative sources of inspiration.

As you might remember, Mike Shinoda’s ‘quarantine products‘ were released in mid-July and the beginning of August. He released two instrumental albums which he created with the help of his fans and followers’ input, which he received during his Twitch live streams.

After such a productive summer, Mike Shinoda slowly hit the brakes on his music and enjoyed sketching pictures for each of his new songs individually. However, with his recent Twitter post, Mike Shinoda revealed that he’s back on Twitch which excited fans who suspected that he might be down for another album.

His tweet excited hundreds of fans who commented that they cannot wait to see what Mike has up his sleeve this time. He may have come back to Twitch just because he has missed his fans and followers, or maybe soon a new album will be available.

Here’s what Mike Shinoda stated in his recent tweet:

I’m back!

You can check out the tweet that Mike Shinoda posted on his Twitter account below.