On Twitter, the iconic member of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda shared a tweet about an important change he was about to make which worried the fans, yet it was only about switching his phone to dark mode.

Linkin Park’s multitalented star Mike Shinoda has been actively using his social media accounts to be connected with the fans, particularly during the self-quarantine days.

Recently on Twitter, Mike shared a tweet about a significant change he was about to make which he implied was a result of the fans’ reactions. After increasing the tension for a bit, he revealed the reality about his plans to switch his phone to dark mode. The fans stated how worried they were reading Mike’s tweet at first, then they relieved realizing he was just trolling them.

Here’s what Mike Shinoda stated on his recent tweet:

I just wanted to you all to know, I’ve heard you. I was unaware of how much my actions affected others, and I’ve made the commitment to change.

Starting today, I will switch my phone to dark mode. Thank you for your compassion and understanding.

A Twitter user named Gwen shared her fear after reading the tweet:

“I got so scared for a second. WTF Mike!”

Another user named Chantel showed how he was fooled:

“You had me scared fool.”

You can see the tweet Mike Shinoda posted on his Twitter account below.