Linkin Park legend Mike Shinoda revealed his best Linkin Park song during the live stream on Twitch and make it like the tournament qualifiers.

There was a list of the best Linkin Park songs, and Mike needed to eliminate all of them by comparing each song in order to find his favorite song of the band.

In the final, there were two songs left, which were ‘Waiting For The End’ and ‘Paper Cut,’ and Mike chose ‘Waiting For The End’ for his best Linkin Park song ever.

Also, he eliminated the priceless songs like Numb, Iridescent, One Step Closer, In The End, What I’ve Done, and many more.

Here is what Mike Shinoda said after revealing his favorite song:

“What? What just happened? Oh man, that was crazy.”

You can check out the clip of his live stream by clicking here.

Before month ago, Mike shared a new post on his official Twitter account and revealed one of his favorite albums in the market besides Linkin Park.

He stated that Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Evil Empire’ album is one of the greatest albums of the era, and he celebrated the 24th anniversary of this album. Click here for the details.