Linkin Park icon Mike Shinoda spoke in a recent interview with Loudersound and revealed the most unforgettable moment he had with the legendary late frontman of the band, Chester Bennington.

In the conversation, Mike mentioned the difficulties they faced during the early period of Linkin Park and talked about how did they manage to release their first album, Hybrid Theory.

Furthermore, Mike also talked about the first times they met with Chester and revealed the favorite memory of Chester from the early days of Linkin Park, which they were just trying out Chester.

Mike stated that Chester was back in Phoenix, and they sent him tapes to try him out. They were expecting him to see him in a week, but Chester returned in five days while missing his own birthday to meet with the band members.

Interviewer asked:

“What is your favorite memory of Chester from that time?”

Mike Shinoda replied:

“We started setting up some try-outs and we sent him a tape with three or four instrumentals of songs. We knew he was in the Phoenix area so we expected the fastest he could get it back to us was a week.

I think he managed to get it back to us in five days. We got on the phone with him and we were flabbergasted, like, ‘How did you even get this back to us?’ He was like, ‘I got the tape. I heard it. I loved it. I left my own birthday party to go record it and then I sent it immediately.’

He was ready to get in the car that day and drive out to Los Angeles. That’s the Cliffs Notes version of Chester: this is what I want, I’m going to go and get that thing. He was often open to other things, but his gut reaction to things came quickly and strong.”

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