Linkin Park star who is currently making regular streams in Twitch for a while, Mike Shinoda, was recently interviewed by the official YouTube channel of ‘Fantano’ and talked about the past of Linkin Park when they have managed to sell almost 30 million copies worldwide with ‘Hybrid Theory.’

In 2000, Linkin Park released their debut album named ‘Hybrid Theory’ via Warner Bros Records and managed to reach 2nd rank on the United States Billboard 200 list. The album was re-released with an extra song that never-listened named ‘She Couldn’t’ back in 2020, by Warner Records itself.

In his latest interview, Mike Shinoda talked about the great success of the album and why they were so lucky to reach such a great achievement. According to Mike, Napster (P2P file and music sharing platform like Loudwire) was not at its peak these days while they have released the album and that’s how they have sold 27 million albums.

Here is what Mike said in his latest interview:

“That’s actually interesting because way back in the day, on the first album, we were right on the lucky side of the cusp of the Napster explosion, so the reason ‘Hybrid Theory’ is still the biggest debut of this of the millennium or so, the reason it’s as big as it is, is because everybody still bought CDs.

They bought tons of CDs because the way the system is still evolving like those counted for a lot. When we got our Diamond awards, our trophies for ‘Hybrid Theory,’ the label was like, ‘This is 10 million US only, you guys have sold 30-something in the world just off one record. This will never happen again.'”

He continued:

“They can change the numbers and say, ‘Oh, you know, streams are worth this much now…’ and make it an equivalent or whatever, or in a different digital-to-physical equivalent, this will never happen again because of the timing.

I think one thing that has changed culturally with… I know with your channel [The Needle Drop] in particular, it’s a lot of people who really do love, who are passionate about music, who love to find music – that’s where new stuff breaks, meaning that’s where stuff that’s going to eventually be big gets found.”

You can watch the interview below.

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