The co-founder and iconic vocalist of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda has explained how one of his brand new songs, named ‘Mike’s Gonna Mike,’ from his latest album, ‘Dropped Frames Volume 3,’ was created while referring to the legendary band Nirvana.

As you know, Shinoda has been quite productive since the beginning of this year. He released the first of his ‘CoronaJams’ album series, ‘Dropped Frames, Vol. 1,’ on July 10, 2020.

Soon after, he came up with his second instrumental album, ‘Dropped Frames, Vol. 2,’ featuring different artwork from its predecessor on July 31, 2020. With the contributions of his fans during his live streams on Twitch, Mike finally composed the third one in this series, ‘Dropped Frames Volume 3,’ and released the album on September 18, 2020.

Again on the live streaming platform Twitch, Shinoda has continued to talk about his most recent music and made sessions in which he unclosed the creation process and inspirations of each track.

After he met with his fans on the platform to open up about the making of one of his songs, ‘Vibe Train,’ Shinoda took an episode for another great work of him, ‘Mike’s Gonna Mike.’ He revealed that this track was a fan mash-up of Nirvana, Tools Of The Trade, Giorgio Moroder, and Italian Neomelodic.

Here is what Mike Shinoda said in his recent tweet:

“Watch the making of ‘Mike’s Gonna Mike.’ This track was a fan mash-up of Nirvana + Tools Of The Trade + Giorgio Moroder + Italian Neomelodic.”

You can see the tweet and listen to the song below.