Linkin Park co-founder who is considered as one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists of the era, Mike Shinoda, was recently interviewed by the YouTube channel of Anthony Fantano and talked about the Linkin Park album that almost half of their fans hated back in 2010: ‘A Thousand Suns.’

‘A Thousand Suns’ is the fourth-ever studio album of the iconic American nu-metal band Linkin Park and it was released back in 2010. The album featured 15 never-released-before tracks including an extra song for Best Buy, Napster, and HMV Edition and three extra songs for iTunes Deluxe Edition.

The whole album was co-produced by Minutes to Midnight producer Rick Rubin and Mike Shinoda himself. In 2013, Linkin Park has added three additional tracks to the album and released it as ‘2013 iTunes Deluxe Edition’ once again.

In his latest interview with Fantano, In his latest interview with Fantano, Linkin Park has talked about the album and despite half of the fans have hated it, he still finds it polarizing these days and according to Mike, there are a lot of people that learned how to play guitar while listening to that album.

Here is what Mike Shinoda said:

“‘A Thousand Suns,’ which was our fourth record, it wasn’t as commercially successful as the earlier ones because nothing could be – that would be impossible.

It was very polarizing. It got one or five stars by everybody, so we ended up with three-star ratings all over the board because half the people hated it with all of their heart and soul. And now we’re at a point where if you ask the average person who’s relatively familiar with the band what their favorite record is, a lot of them say that one. It’s changed, the whole relationship with the band has changed.”

He continued:

“People go, like, ‘Man, that was like the first album I ever bought, that’s how I learned to play guitar! And then I moved on to guitar that was harder…’

And that was part of the thing we were like, ‘Yeah, Brad [Delson, guitar] could actually play much more difficult stuff…’ But we loved how that sounded and we wanted to make stuff that a kid who couldn’t really play guitar, and he’d be like, ‘Yeah, let’s play this riff!’

I appreciate that being older, I do love the idea of being in a position to maybe be a good teacher or a role model if I know something that somebody else doesn’t know.”

You can watch the interview below.

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