The iconic star of Linkin Park and the co-founding member of the band, Mike Shinoda posted a recent video on his verified Instagram page today.

According to some fans, Mike could be unleashed the materials he’s working for the upcoming Linkin Park project.

Here is what Mike wrote about the video he posted:

“Tape loops + Moog one experiments (thanks for the assist, E)”

An Instagram user named yelsirc1 commented:


Another Mike Shinode follower, jen.louise.04 responded:

“@yelsirc1 there was an article that mike was in and they were discussing a reunion in 10 years. So Might not be.”

acupofnerd responded to the comment:

“@yelsirc1 can we just appreciate whatever he did/does/will do?

No matter which name he wants to put on, LP/FM/MS, it’s still about him. Just let him play whatever he likes. 😉”

You can watch the video of Mike below.