Linkin Park star Mike Shinoda’s wife Anna Shinoda has posted a never-before-seen photo of Chester Bennington for celebrate his birthday on Instagram.

Anna has penned a story behind the photo she shared, and also described her current feelings on Chester’s death. Here’s what she wrote:

“We laughed together. A lot. And my favorite photos of Chester are always the ones that capture that joy.

It’s been two years today. I’m letting the memories of my friend’s loud bursts of laughter wash over the day. His silly jokes. His impressions. All of the good. All of the joy.

Photo captured at Mike’s 40th birthday by @stephanielorenphotography. I have no idea what Mike said that was so funny, but I’m grateful to Stephanie for capturing this moment.”

Check out the photo below.

Back in May 2019, Anna has shared a special photo with Chester’s wife Talinda, and wrote that statement on Instagram:

“Spent some quality time today touring the art exhibit and learning more about @werise_la with @lisalingstagram, @talinda320, @wyclo and @a35mmlife. We Rise is an art installation with programming, performances and workshops, all centering around mental health.

Art was incredible. The thoughtfulness behind creating the exhibit and giving hope and connection down to who they hired to build the instillation is exceptional. Open to the public evenings and weekends until May 27th.”

You can see the photo from here.