Former Motörhead and current Scorpions drummer Mikkey Dee talked about Lemmy Kilmister’s strict rules over the band’s music during a recent appearance on Drinks With Johnny.

Lemmy Kilmister is considered one of the best musicians in the rock & metal genre. His music and playstyle even influenced so many bands and artists. In 1975, he founded Motörhead, and he played for the band until his death in 2015.

Motörhead is always known for its fast-paced heavy sounds. The songs such as ‘Rock Out,’ ‘Overkill,’ and especially ‘Ace Of Spades’ truly represent the music taste of Motörhead that they had been doing for years.

Following the death of Lemmy, the rest of the Motörhead members didn’t want to continue with the band, and the band disbanded after forty years. As the guitarist Phil Campbell founded his own band, Mikkey joined Scorpions.

In the recent conversation he joined, Mikkey revealed that sometimes he would write new material with Phil, but Lemmy would reject to play that because it would sound like Rush. Instead, Lemmy wanted them always to sound solely like Motörhead.

As Mikkey said, they had a tight frame to work within that all was Motörhead, and Lemmy didn’t want to play anything besides Motörhead’s sound. Mikkey also stated that he understands why Lemmy didn’t want to shift the sound of the legendary band as well.

Mikkey Dee on Motörhead’s sound:

“After 25 years with Motörhead, there’s no secret that we felt in the end maybe we wanted to do something else — either do a solo record or be inspired with something else. Because with Motörhead, we had a very tight frame to work within, which was Motörhead.

And sometimes I and Phil could write some music and Lemmy would come in and go, ‘What the hell do you want me to sing to that? That song is more aimed to Rush. We’re not Rush; we’re Motörhead.’

And he was totally right by that. Maybe we took off a little too much out of the framework of being Motörhead.”

You can listen to the interview below.