Scorpions’ drummer Mikkey Dee posted a video on his official Instagram account and updated their fans about what the band has been up to.

Like many other rock bands during the pandemic, Scorpions also started working on new a new record. In March, Mikkey Dee posted a video on his Twitter account saying that they are creating some new material and that the new album would come soon.

However, due to Covid, the album’s release had been postponed to the end of summer. They stated that the band met with some difficulties in meeting up and playing together. Moreover, there was a lot of work that needed to be done, especially in drums. 

The fans were wondering about what happened with the new album’s progress, and recently, Mikkey Dee posted an update about their situation on Instagram. In the video he posted, the drummer stated that they are in Hanover/Germany and currently practicing and producing new songs.

He admitted that he is very excited to meet up with the band again and play together as they haven’t in a very long time. Dee also mentioned that he is looking forward to seeing their fans again and revealed that it will be a while until they do.

Here is what he said about the band’s situation:

“Hi everyone. Here we are again in Germany, and we’re here to rehearse. We’ve been working hard here for about a week, and we are continuing to work very hard on songs. We just get together and rehearse and play because we haven’t done that for a while, and it’s so much fun to see the guys again and play some drums and crank it up.

So we’re rocking hard here. I hope you’re doing well out there and that we actually get to see you soon. But it’ll be a little while. Now we have to continue work going tor new songs and what we’re gonna put in the set and yeah, make it rock, really heavy. So all the best to you out there. Just a quick little update from Hanover Germany. Take care guys.”

Scorpions haven’t released a new record since their 2017 compilation album, ‘Born to Touch Your Feelings: Best of Rock Ballads.’ However, in April, they released their new song, ‘Sign of Hope,’ and stated that they are sharing this song to give their fans some hope during the pandemic, although they need to wait a little longer for the whole album.

You can listen to ‘Sign of Hope’ below.

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