Famous pop musician Miley Cyrus recently posted a message on her Twitter account and talked about her feelings and views considering her newly released, and for the first time ever, rock album calledPlastic Heart.’

There is not much to say about Miley Cyrus’s rock career as she was a teenage pop star and had her own show, Hannah Montana. Then she turned to country and hip hop music in the later years of her musical career. Her sixth studio album, ‘Younger Now’ was released in 2017 and the genre of its sound can be identified as country.

However, now it seems like Miley Cyrus has shifted towards rock music. Her seventh album ‘Plastic Hearts,‘ which was released on November 27, 2020, is her only rock album to this day and the two songs she released from her new album earlier this year, have achieved critical acclaim.

Additionally, Cyrus’ new album features production from various iconic names, including Louis Bell, as well as guest vocals from Billy Idol and Stevie Nicks. The young musician also previously cited Britney Spears and Metallica as musical influences on her album.

In her recent Twitter post, Miley Cyrus thanked her fans and followers for their support of her new rock album. It seems like it is an album that has made her feel content about her work as she stated that she was ‘fucking born to make the record‘ she has just released.

She thanked her devoted fans who have always supported her career and shared her excitement about her new album. Miley’s shift to rock music is highly interesting and her new album will reveal whether she will reach success as a rockstar. Even though it has been only a day, her album has already been well-received which makes fans even more curious about Miley’s future endeavors.

Here’s what Miley Cyrus said in her tweet:

“My Plastic Heart is overwhelmed by the support I’m receiving tonight! I was fucking born to make the record I’ve just released!

To my fans who have been here from the beginning, I appreciate you more than I can properly articulate. To anyone I’ve ever loved or lost, thank you.”

You can check out the tweet that Miley Cyrus posted on her Twitter account below.