The former pop-star who recently shifted to rock music, Miley Cyrus, posted a tweet saying ‘a star is born’ after her Saturday night performance at the NCAA men basketball Final Four tourney during which she performed three Queen songs which urged rock fans to comment on this matter.

As you know, Miley Cyrus’s career as a musician started when she was just a teenager and she had her own show named Hannah Montana. Although she started out with a pop star, in later years she shifted to country and hip hop music. For example, her sixth studio album ‘Younger Now’ which was released in 2017 was a country record.

Nonetheless, in November 2020, Cyrus surprised both her fans and everyone in the rock scene when she released her seventh album ‘Plastic Hearts.’ Prior to the album, she had already released some singles which had achieved critical acclaim. At some point, Miley admitted that she feels like she was born to make this record, and made it public that she finally found the genre that makes her feel fulfilled.

On Saturday night at Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium, the young musician performed during the NCAA men basketball Final Four tourney. She walked up to the stage with ‘We Are The Champions‘ playing in the background which quickly led into ‘We Will Rock You‘ which she sang. After that Miley Cyrus went on to sing ‘Don’t Stop Me Now‘ and then some of her songs.

This performance led to a polarization in the rock community. While some supported that seeing such a young and new-generation musician pay tribute to rock legends and introduce them to the youngsters is amazing, others argued that she isn’t ready to sing Queen yet as they stand for a lot in rock history and not everyone can grab the microphone and sing their songs.

Here’s what Miley Cyrus said in her tweet after her performance:


You can check out Miley Cyrus’s tweet and full performance below.