Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing that he decided to take a break from all the social media platforms except for Instagram for an unknown yet probably long period of time.

As you may know, Nikki Sixx is the most active member of Mötley Crüe when it comes to social media. He has over 1 million followers on his official Instagram page and more than 6500 posts which keep his fans updated.

In addition to his Instagram account, Sixx also has more than 800.000 followers on his official Twitter page on which he currently has approximately 30.000 tweets. With the help of his Twitter account, Nikki’s fans love having the opportunity to have an actual conversation with him and getting answers directly from him.

As many of you might remember, Sixx once opened up about being so active on his social media accounts and stated that it’s hard to keep up with DM’s, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, e-mails, and text messages.

In order to keep up with all of his social media accounts, Nikki Sixx must be spending so much time with his phone. Apparently, he does and as you recall, Sixx once took a social media break because of this situation.

According to Nikki’s latest Instagram post, he decided to take another ‘extended’ break from his social media accounts, Twitter and Facebook, but not his official Instagram page. Seemingly, Sixx needed a break from being on his phone all the time, however, could not be apart from his fans and chose to keep his Instagram account.

Here is what Nikki Sixx stated in his latest announcement:

“I am taking an extended break from all my social media platforms except Instagram.”

You can see the Instagram post below.