Nikki Sixx, the bassist of Mötley Crüe, revealed the secret weapon in the iconic band Aerosmith as the bassist Tom Hamilton on one of his latest tweets.

As you may know, Sixx frequently mentions that Aerosmith is his favorite band of all time since he was just a 14-year-old kid. Now he explained what extremely fascinates him about the band after many years.

He said via his Twitter account, he really loves and enjoys listening to the band, but especially Tom Hamilton’s melodic bass playing takes the songs to another level of excellence.

Here is what Nikki Sixx said on his tweet:

Tom Hamilton to me is the secret weapon in Aerosmith. As many know they are my all-time favorite band since I was 14.

I never grow tired of this band but Tom’s melodic bass playing really pushes the songs along. Listening to ‘Draw The Line’ now.”

You can see Sixx’s tweet and the song of Aerosmith ‘Draw The Line’, which Nikki recommended below.