Mötley Crüe’s iconic bassist Nikki Sixx responded to a fan’s comment on Tommy Lee‘s post claiming President Trump actually tested negative for Covid-19 but lied about the results and Sixx agreed to the theory.

As you might recall, a few days ago, President Donald Trump posted a tweet revealing he and his wife Melania were tested positive for Covid-19. He stated that they both were doing fine for now.

Following the President’s announcement, many musicians and celebrities reacted to the news on social media. On Instagram, Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee posted the screenshot of his tweet suggesting the fact that Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19 was the work of ‘Karma Gods.’

In the comment section of his post, a Mötley Crüe fan named Misty Gray claimed that Trump was actually tested negative, yet he lied about the results. According to the conspiracy theory, the President would be barely sick and recover in no time to prove that Covid-19 was not a big deal like he previously claimed.

Here’s the fan’s comment about Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis:

“He’s probably negative and will say he’s positive. Then brag that he barely was sick and fully recovered. And preach that COVID is nothing. I don’t trust him one bit.”

Furthermore, Nikki Sixx joined the conversation and responded to the fan’s conspiracy theory. Apparently, Sixx was also believing that Donald Trump might have lied about his Covid-19 test to demonstrate he was right about not making it a big deal since the first days of its spread across the country.

As a response, Nikki Sixx simply wrote:


You can see the photo Tommy Lee posted on his Instagram account below.

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