Co-founder and bass guitarist of Mötley Crüe, Nikki Sixx, has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and revealed the song that blown his eardrums.

Nikki wrote in the post that the new generation pop-punk band Marianas Trench’s ‘The Killing Kind’ song from Phantoms album is a really good song for him, surprisingly. Also, Nikki stated that this song has so much passion.

Nikki’s post reached over 1K likes less than three hours and most of his followers replied to him to share their reactions about the song.

Here is what Nikki Sixx said:

“Having my eardrums blown by these dudes. What a song. Listen to it till the end. So much passion.”

Marianas Trench replied:

“OMG Thank you for listening!”

A fan named Katie added this comment:

“Josh Ramsay is an absolute genius. I love the production, organic instruments, and overall songwriting. my love for this band is beyond words.”

Another fan named Rebecca James replied:

“Wow, the vocals are killer. So many layers to this song. Thanks for sharing this brilliant song/band. Is it just me or does it feel like there is a Queen influence.”

You can check his tweet and listen to the song below.