The co-founder and bass guitarist of Mötley Crüe, Nikki Sixx has reminisced about his long battle with substance abuse, surprised by how he survived, in the caption of his recent post that displays the current condition of his 20-years-old Alcoholics Anonymous book.

As you may all know, Mötley Crüe icon, Nikki Sixx, has an unfortunate past, fighting against his drug addiction for years. In his autobiography, ‘The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star,’ Sixx reveals his story of drug dependency in all aspects, focusing on the period of Crüe’s ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ album and the subsequent tour, ending with Sixx’s near-death from a heroin overdose in late 1987.

After a quite long and ruthless struggle with drugs over the years, Sixx celebrated 19 years of sobriety on July 2, 2020. While announcing the good news, the great bassist revealed that he managed to save himself from going far worse with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous‘ 12-step program.

Recalling those days, Sixx has most recently taken Instagram with his famous Alcoholics Anonymous book, which turned into a companion on his path to survive. Nikki has shared a picture of his book, looking in pretty good condition after exactly 20 years.

In the comment section, Nikki Sixx has admitted that this book has been through heaven and hell with him, and somehow they both managed to survive. The majority of Sixx’s followers have congratulated him because of his strong stance in the comment section.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an international mutual aid fellowship with the stated purpose of enabling its members to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety. AA is nonprofessional, self-supporting, and apolitical. Its only membership requirement is a desire to stop drinking. The AA program of recovery is set forth in the Twelve Steps.

Here’s what Nikki Sixx said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“My 20-year-old AA book. Document yer life. 📖 📷”

Sixx also commented on his post by saying:

“This book has been through heaven and hell with me and somehow we have both survived.”

You can see the post below.