After making a quick question & answer session on social media, Nikki Sixx posted a new tweet on his official account and made his fans laugh their asses off with a funny meme about the current President of United States, Donald Trump.

You may check out the tweet of the Sixx below that Trump is in a coffin, and there’s an anti-bacterial gel over it.

As you will recall, Donald Trump made a really weird statement last month and claimed that coronavirus could be defeated by injecting alcohol/disinfectants into the human body.

Here is what Nikki wrote about the meme:

“Saw this online and thought it was extremely rude!!!!”

A user named Steve Marley commented:

“I hate politics on all levels, and try to keep it out of my life as much as possible, but that’s the way it seems. Everyone in D.C. is fucked up. Not just one side or the other. Very rude though…”

Another Nikki Sixx follower named Danny shared his opinion:

“Yes it is rude. The kind of person that post something like this is not fighting for what is right nor they want the best for their community and country, but because they want to satisfy their ego and make fun of the other ‘team,’ cause that’s the way that they see politics.”

Check out the tweet of Nikki below.