Legendary bass guitarist of Mötley Crüe, Nikki Sixx, recently had an interview with SiriusXM’s Larry Flick, and admits that he spent more money on therapy than most rock stars spent on cars.

We already knew that Nikki Sixx was nearly dying because of fatal overdose in 1987, and now Sixx revealed that those days were way more difficult than we know.

Here is what Sixx said:

“I don’t understand a lot about my childhood, I’m working on a book right now that kind of focuses in on that. And a lot of my behavior and a lot of stuff that I took on was because of stuff that happened in the first seven years of my life.

It’s been really painful and exciting, and I’m into it. But I think my purpose is to make a difference.

I had a shitty upbringing, and I’m dealing with that every day, “Sixx added. “I spent more money on therapy than most rock stars spent on cars. I really wanted to change and I really wanted to evolve and be a better man. And part of that is being there for my kids. And that’s really a big deal.

I’m trying to get over my anger that’s turned more into disappointment and regret about my mom, let my dad go. But just now that I’m working on this book and I’m talking to my aunt and I find out things like I was never held for the first three weeks of my life, I almost started crying.

And someone’s, like, ‘Wow, rock stars cry?’ I mean, yeah, man, it hurts to hear that kind of stuff. So, I’m not angry. I’m just dealing with it. And chances are a whole bunch of songs are gonna come out about it.”

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