Nikki Sixx, the co-founder and bassist of Mötley Crüe, has paid huge respects to the iconic heavy metal and power pop band, Starz, while suggesting his fans, who miss raw rock and roll, to go check out the band’s debut album named ‘Starz.’

The great musician and highly active Instagrammer, Nikki Sixx, has recently gone for something else than displaying the lovely moments of his family in Wyoming on the platform. Sixx has come up with a piece of song advice from the band Mötley Crüe has been most inspired by.

The bass guitarist asked his fans to go listen to the debut album of Starz, especially the song ‘Pull The Plug‘ from it. While praising the songwriting and edgy lyrics of the song, Nikki also asked for his fans’ comments about the album.

Starz‘ by the New Jersey-based glam metal band Starz, was released on June 21, 1976, on Capitol Records. The album was produced by Jack Douglas, who is known for his work with Aerosmith. ‘Pull The Plug’ from the album led to some controversy as it tells the story of a man disconnecting his comatose wife’s life support.

Here’s what Nikki Sixx said in his recent Instagram post:

Missing raw rock n roll? Go check out Starz debut album from 1976. ‘Pull The Plug.’ Great songwriting and edgy lyrics. 🤘🏽 Let me know what you think!”

Check out the post and the audio video of ‘Pull The Plug’ below.