Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee recently posted a video on his Instagram account and celebrated Valentine’s Day and his wedding anniversary with Brittany Furlan while saying that even though people say that nothing is forever, they might be about to prove everyone wrong.

As you may recall, Tommy Lee got married three times before his current marriage but it seems like the fourth time was the charm. On Valentine’s Day 2018, Lee had announced that he had proposed to his then-girlfriend, social media celebrity Brittany Furlan, and the couple got married a year later, on Valentine’s Day.

Brittany Furlan was one of the most famous Vine personalities at the beginning of the 2010s and in 2015, she was declared one of the most influential people on the Internet by Time. The couple is known for their close relationship and with his recent Instagram post, Lee celebrated both their Valentine’s Day and their 2-year anniversary.

The video featured numerous moments shared by Brittany and Lee while a motivational ‘self-love’ message by Tik-Tok personality Ashley Ward played in the background. In the caption, Lee said that although he doesn’t like professing his love ‘on anti-social media’ he just couldn’t go without celebrating Valentine’s Day and the wedding anniversary of his forever valentine.

Here’s what the narrator of the video said:

You have to start romanticizing your life. You have to start thinking of yourself as the main character because if you don’t — life will continue to pass you by. And all the little things that make it so beautiful will continue to go unnoticed. So take a second, and look around and realize that it’s a blessing for you to be here right now.”

Here’s what Tommy Lee said in the caption of his recent post:

Not a big fan of professing my love on anti-social media but this is a big one… or 2! 1. Wishing my love the happiest of Valentines and 2. The happiest of anniversaries! They say nothings forever baby and I think we may prove them wrong 💥 Love Me.”

Click here to check out the video that Tommy Lee posted on his Instagram account.