Mötley Crüe’s iconic drummer, Tommy Lee, has shared an interesting tweet about a new feature in Apple iPhone via his official Twitter account.

Apple has announced the new feature called Slow-Motion-Selfie on last December. You can take a slow-motion selfie video with this feature on iPhone 11.

Today, Tommy Lee has tried this new feature of the iPhone and shared his thought about it in a recent tweet on Twitter.

In the tweet, Tommy said that he didn’t like the new feature. Also, he didn’t forget tagging to the official Twitter account of Apple.

Here’s the tweet of Tommy Lee:

“Hey Apple! ‘slo-mo selfies’ really?.. When you can invent anything why not invent one that speeds the stupid shit up?!.”

A fan named Tomislav Versic commented:

“Man, Tommy I can’t believe what kind crap out kids think it’s cool. They won’t our kids to be stupid as hell so they can do with them what they want.

I followed DAVID ICKE and he said the same thing 20years ago and he was Wright.”

Another fan named Lil Drummer Boy wrote this:

“Oct. 27, 2015, Motorola Droid Turbo 2 with slow-mo video on front and rear-facing camera! Apple just introduced a new marketing ploy! Yay? Pffff.”

You can see the tweet of Tommy Lee right below.