Nikki Sixx, the iconic co-founder and bassist of Mötley Crüe, has taken Twitter to respond to his fans’ questions and revealed if they are going to do a virtual concert during these times of lockdown at home.

As you know, lots of musicians and bands have been reaching out to their fans through virtual concerts, separate performances, or various at-home sessions since the beginning of the self-quarantine period this year.

Having no such performances yet, Mötley Crüe has been wondered if they’ll come up with one before their upcoming Stadium Tour in the summer of 2021. A follower of Nikki Sixx has recently asked if he and the boys would ever do a virtual concert.

Sixx has answered by admitting he’s not sure and said everybody seems to do them. In addition to talking about this object of curiosity, Nikki Sixx has responded to another fan’s tweet, in which the follower, whose name is Chelsie, said Nikki’s music has saved her life in this pretty hard year.

Sixx said by referring to the global pandemic that this year, or even if it goes into next year, will decide how we go down in history. He added we’re all in this together while wishing the best of luck to his fan.

Here is what was asked to Nikki Sixx about a possible Mötley Crüe concert:

“Do you think you and the boys would ever do a virtual concert? I think it would be pretty dope.”

Nikki answered as:

Not sure. Seems everybody is doing them.”

Another fan, whose name is Chelsie, said in her tweet to Nikki Sixx:

“Hi Nikki!! I’ve wanted to tell you this for a while. This year has been really hard for me and I’m sure for a lot of other people too.

But I just want to say that your music has saved my life this year. I just want to thank you and I’m forever grateful for the Crüe.”

Nikki Sixx responded as:

“This year or the even if it goes into next year will decide how we go down in history. We’re all in this together. Best of luck Chelsie.”

You can see the tweets below.