Mötley Crüe lead singer Vince Neil‘s girlfriend and makeup artist Rain Hannah shared a post on her official Instagram page revealing her Sunday yoga flow. Although many fans praised the ease in her routine, others commented their concerns considering Neil’s physique and health.

It’s fair to say that Vince Neil has been experiencing one of the toughest times in his music career following his disastrous performance at the Boone Iowa River Vallet Festival two months ago. Although fans had high expectations from the rocker after it was announced that all the band members were getting in shape for the Stadium Tour, Neil disappointed his fans.

While performing a setlist including all the Mötley Crüe classics, the singer started sounding tired and out of breath right off the bat in spite of performing with the help of back vocals. Eventually, Vince Neil decided to leave the stage in the middle of performing ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ after losing his voice and not be able to sing anymore.

After this controversial performance, Mötley Crüe’s frontman received major backlash from fans as he was meant to be getting ready for a tour, which will include way longer performances day after day than just a concert. A couple of weeks later, Neil canceled another show in New York at Batavia Downs Gaming & Hotel and had stayed silent up until recently.

Vince Neil shared a post on his official Instagram page a couple of days ago, announcing his return to the stage. After receiving endless criticism for his voice and weight, Neil actually expressed his excitement over getting back to performing. The upcoming shows are supposed to start on August 6 at the Nashville INDYCAR race and fans are curious to see if the rocker has worked on himself for the past months.

The interesting thing about Vince Neil’s latest post was that his comments section was turned off. The musician most likely aimed to avoid more hurtful comments and hate while trying to get back on his feet but this drew more attention and was considered as lack of confidence. Although it’s obvious that Neil isn’t in his best shape and has been criticized for this, some fans are actually concerned for the rocker as he has been completely silent since his infamous live show.

Recently, Rain Hannah shared a video of herself while doing yoga on her official Instagram page, impressing her fans with her fit body. Yet, many fans who don’t have the opportunity to reach out to Vince Neil commented under her post asking about the rocker rather than praising Hannah.

Since his girlfriend looks incredibly in shape, many fans shared their opinions in the comments section and stated that Hannah should encourage Vince Neil to join her when it comes to working out. In addition to his appearance, fans are worried about Neil’s health as well since he quickly runs out of breath on stage due to his weight.

A concerned fan commented:

“Can you please get Vince to train like that? We are concerned fans.”

Another fan suggested this:

“Would love to see Vince work out with you too. Great job.”

A worried fan tried to convince Hannah as follows:

“Please get Vince to work out with you!”

You can see the Instagram post and comments below.

Photo Credit: Rain Hannah – Instagram Page