Mötley Crüe’s frontman Vince Neil has recently shared a picture of him with his friend. The picture in question, showcasing the beautiful scenery and a helicopter, falls short of displaying the two posers properly.

In the new picture he posted yesterday on his Instagram account, the 59-year-old musician blatantly leaves out the rest of his body. Furthermore, he gets ahead of possible negative comments by disabling the comments for his post.

Here is what he said in addition to the picture:

“Me and my buddy Jimmy! Our ride is here!!!”

As you may remember, Neil had been continually criticized regarding his weight and earlier this year it was announced that he was planning on getting fit for Mötley Crüe tour. The tour was supposed to take place this June but was later postponed until the next summer due to the Coronavirus.

Being in the process of losing weight, until very recently, Neil had been getting a lot of compliments from his fans regarding his fit body shape.

In his new post, however, Neil clearly abstaining from showing up his belly stirs up suspicions from fans. It further rests uncertain whether he has gained weight or he quitted his endeavor to get fit altogether.

You can see Neil’s controversial post below.

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Me and my buddy Jimmy! Our ride is here!!!

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