Mötley Crüe icon Vince Neil‘s girlfriend Rain Hannah shared a video on Instagram depicting how challenging COVID-19 was for Indigenous Peoples in Brazil and reacted against those who still refuse to believe that the coronavirus pandemic is real.

Since the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19, people around the world divided into two different points of view on the reality of the disease. Although millions of people from different nations and different ages lost their lives as a result of the complications due to Covid-19, some people still refuse to accept that the disease is a real threat to humanity.

The non-governmental environmental organization Greenpeace shared a video on Instagram displaying the reality about how Covid-19 affected Indigenous Peoples in Brazil. The video brought light to the terrifying facts that many people still deny.

Mötley Crüe star Vince Neil’s girlfriend Rain Hannah took her Instagram account to inform her followers on this terrible reality by reposting the Greenpeace video. Hannah also wrote a short statement depicting how she felt about the coronavirus crisis and warned those who think ‘it’s fake news.’ Rain didn’t forget to appreciate the efforts of many good people and organizations, such as Wings of Emergency, to raise awareness about the pandemic.

Here’s how Rain Hannah described the danger of the pandemic in her statement:

“This makes me cry and smile to know there are good people, agencies, and governments in this world who want to help one another. Thank you Wings of Emergency.

People this pandemic is real. And to the people who think oh it’s fake news… The fact is people are suffering and dying. Yes, people have always suffered and dies. But this is our wake up call to come together as one for mankind!”

You can see the video Rain Hannah posted via Instagram stories below.

Photo Credit : Rain Hannah – Instagram