On a recent post via his official Twitter account, Mötley Crüe’s iconic guitarist Mick Mars ended his social media silence to celebrate the 55th birthday of Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Slash.

Mick wasn’t really using his official Twitter account as the other celebrities, and he didn’t even share a post for months before showing his gratitude to the followers who celebrated his 69th birthday.

To end his over one-month social media silence, it has to be something special for sure. Mick celebrated the birthday of Slash and wished the best for him. Mick hoped that Slash will have a great and inspirational day and shared his love for Slash.

Here is what Mick Mars wrote earlier:

“Thank you for all the massive amounts of Happy Birthday’s. So awesome. Hope you all are staying safe with all this COVID19 crap. Peace.”

Here is how Mick Mars broke his social media silence:

“Happy Birthday Slash! Hope you have a great and inspirational day. Love, Mick.”

You can read the tweets below.