As the whole members of Mötley Crüe have quite active social media accounts, we can easily follow up on the latest status of the band members and their families. However, the guitarist of the band, Mick Mars, is not a social media guy and we could not hear from him after the spread of COVID-19.

This week, the lovely wife of Mick Mars, Seraina Mars, made a quick question and answer session on her Twitter account and revealed the latest health status of her family amid coronavirus outbreak.

As you will check out the tweets of Seraina, they are making everything they can to be safe and healthful and the family is going well so far.

A Twitter user named NikkiR463 asked this:

“How are you and Mick Mars doing? I hope you two and the kitties are safe. Sending lots of love and hope you guys keep your health!”

Seraina Mars responded:

“Thanks for asking! we’ve been laying low for over 10days already and my only trips out are reduced to a bare minimum: To get groceries/essential supplies.

So far, we’re fine (gratefully!) – The kitties as well-and are doing everything we possibly can. I hope you are well, too. be safe.”

You can check out these tweets below.