Legendary rock band Mötley Crüe’s lead guitarist, Mick Mars, recently answered a question he was asked on his official Twitter account and clarified a misunderstanding that has been going on for years.

On Twitter, a fan nicknamed nickmars1313 posted an old photo and asked Mick Mars if it was him:

“Hi Mick sorry to bother you. I saw this photo on Pinterest and it said it was you and I was wondering if it was or not?”

Mick Mars kindly answered her question. It turned about to be a misunderstanding that has been going on for years. He said:

“No, that’s not me. It’s Duane Allman (Allman Brothers). A lot of people have told me I look like him, he was an awesome slide guitar-layer. The reason I started playing slide as well”

Apparently Mick Mars has been receiving comments about how much he looked like Duane Allman from Allman Brothers who was a guitarist as well. It is a nice coincidence thinking that Duane Allman was the reason Mick Mars started playing slide.

The fan nickmars1313 sent an answer saying:

“Thank you Mick ! The resemblance is uncanny and it’s sad we lost Duane Allman so early.”

Duane Allman died after a motorcycle accident happened in 1971, at the age of 24.

Mick Mars fans left many comments on how much they look alike.

Starr Smith said:

“You really do look like him”

Vince Vengeance commented:

“It’s cool how you started playing slide because of him and now my friend plays slide because of you. Just… wow”

You can see the photo of Duane Allman and Mick Mars’ tweet below.