Photo Caption: Frankie Sixx- Instagram

After changing her hairstyle, Mötley Crüe star Nikki Sixx’s daughter Frankie Sixx is posting new photos on her Instagram account more frequently. Today, she posted a couple of new photos after wearing stuff from her fashion partner, Fashion Nova.

While showcasing her hot looking high-heels, Frankie also did not hesitate to show off some cleavage with her lace outfit. These rare images got almost 10K likes in a really short time.

Here is the caption of Frankie like the elder posts:


Fashion Nova Partner.”

An Instagram user and possible Lars Ulrich fan named ulrcihr04 commented:

“Looking gorgeous as ever! I love the shoes with that outfit! Beautiful!

Tony 🕺’s Gina 💃’s Tony 😘”

Another follower of Frankie and an obvious fan named Cindy wrote this:

“My God Frankie, you are absolutely gorgeous. Not surprising considering your gene pool but I think your beauty surpasses expectations.

Perhaps because you seem to be beautiful through and through, not just on the surface. I’m looking forward to the launch of your website.

Your paintings make me happy.”

You can see the latest photo of Frankie below.

Photo Credit: Frankie Sixx – Instagram

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