Frankie Sixx, the daughter of the co-founder and bassist of Mötley Crüe, Nikki Sixx, shared a story on her official Instagram page and clapped back to a hater’s direct message about racism and hate.

Before this incident, Frankie Sixx shared a story on her official Instagram page about how other than people of color should not say the n-word. It is quite simple actually, the n-word basically triggers a history of enslavement or comparable trauma and the word itself is extremely disrespectful.

Sixx wanted to remind people and spread awareness about the incident since still today some people think it is okay to refer people of color with the n-word and shared a story on her official Instagram page.

Since people try to inform and lead others to the right path due to ignorance and lack of information, a person proved how those who have influence should spread love, understanding, and information by sending a message to Frankie Sixx and reacting to her story about the n-word stating that not using the n-word is actually being a coward rather than knowing the history and respecting those who suffered.

Here is what the person said:

“Fuck you. Pussy kids nowadays.”

Frankie Sixx shared her response to this disrespectful person on her Instagram stories and it seems like she clapped back beautifully and fans could not be happier. Sixx stated that respect others and not choosing hate and racism is not being a ‘pussy’ and the way that he used ‘pussy’ is also extremely sexist.

Here is how Sixx reacted:

“Curious how respecting other people and refraining from using a SLUR that is rooted in HATE and RACISM makes me a ‘pussy?’ Also using ‘pussy’ to describe something as weak or negative is sexist so don’t say that either. Grow the fuck up.”

You can see the Instagram story below.

Photo Credit: Frankie Sixx – Instagram Stories