Mötley Crüe’s bass guitarist Nikki Sixx’s daughter, Frankie Sixx, recently posted a story on her Instagram account and vocalized her anger towards some people who use an offensive term to make fun of others.

Nikki’s 19-year-old daughter is highly active in social media and is popular for her brave style and extraordinary works as a make-up artist. However, she also uses her Instagram account to raise awareness on important causes such as disability, infant loss, race, etc.

Recently, she posted a story on her Instagram account during the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and made it clear that she is against the use of outmoded words, related to a person’s physical and or mental disability, as a derogatory term.

She stated that the word ‘retard/retarded‘ is a slur and that ‘mental retardation’ is not the correct terminology in the disability/medical community. She stated that it is offensive and unacceptable.

Frankie said that the ‘mental retardation’ has been replaced with ‘Intellectual Disability,’ which has been established as the correct term. She also mentioned that it is disrespectful and offensive to use the R word, especially as a derogatory term.

She asked her followers to educate themselves and learn how to change their language so as not to offend people and make them feel bad about themselves. She also stated that she understands how people can sometimes gossip and call people names due to their frustration, but said that they need to choose another word.


Mental retardation is NOT the correct terminology in the disability/medical community anymore. Let alone using it in a degrading way.

‘Mental retardation’ was replaced by Intellectual Disability (Intellectual Development Disorder). Mental retardation is NO LONGER a diagnosis. STOP USING IT. Stop saying someone is the R word, implying they are dumb or putting them down in some way.

It is an extremely disrespectful and offensive word that should never be used. We all make mistakes, but what matters us your willingness to educate yourself and change.

We all gossip sometimes or let out our frustrations about people, sometimes calling them names when we are venting to close friends. I get it. But that word should not be used. Choose something else.”

You can check out the story that Frankie Sixx posted on her Instagram account below.

Photo Credit: Frankie Sixx – Instagram