According to the recent article from Blast, Mötley Crüe icon Nikki Sixx’s ex-wife Donna D’Errico claimed that her ex-husband is using creative interpretations to get away from paying what she owes.

Here is the story:

“According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the former “Baywatch” star claims Sixx owes her $24,771 in back child support for their daughter, Frankie Sixx.

D’Errico claims their child support agreement calls for Sixx to pay $8,257 per month in child support until the later of two dates: March 31, 2019 or until Frankie is no longer enrolled in high school.

In the documents, D’Errico says that the couple’s daughter obtained a certificate of proficiency but remained in school.

She claims the Mötley Crüe rocker stopped paying on March 31 but D’Errico believes the agreement does not make any mention of obtaining a proficiency certificate, so she thinks Sixx should have to pay up for April, May, and June as well.”

The story continues:

“D’Errico also takes issue with how Sixx has calculated his spousal support payments to her. There’s a formula in place based on Sixx’s income, which determines what he pays her. But she claims Sixx deducted business expenses before the calculations were made, which she claims the couple agreed not to do when they re-did their divorce agreement in 2015.

She is asking the court to order Sixx to pay the child support he owes and for a re-calculation of the spousal support as well.”

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