Mötley Crüe’s iconic bass guitarist, Nikki Sixx posted a recent photo from good-old-days and he had a funny conversation with his wife on his official and verified Instagram page.

As you might check out the conversation below, Nikki Sixx’s lovely wife, Courtney Sixx made a bold ‘nose picking’ statement about her husband’s photo on social media.

Here is what Nikki Sixx wrote first:

“On tour in 1984 with the boys in @motleycrue. I’ve been trying to remember what the hell was in that red leather case I am carrying. Cassette deck? 4 track recorder?

DATS wasn’t out yet so it’s not that. Cool to see these old fan photos on Instagram. Brings back a lot of memories or in this case not 😂. PS Look at those old school tour buses 👀 🚎”

Courtney Sixx made a comment and said that:

“Picking your nose on you pass.

You’re too much 🤣”

Another user named shannonshack responded:

“@how2girl Nice catch! I should zoom in more often 👀💕”

You can check out that rare photo right below.