Mötley Crüe’s legendary drummer Tommy Lee’s beloved wife, Brittany Furlan Lee was the recent guest of Kyle Newacheck and she revealed a never-told-before story about her husband, Tommy Lee.

Brittany revealed the story about the loud and noisy music sounds in a hotel room and Mötley Crüe icon Tommy Lee gets really angry about it.

Here is what Brittany said (Transcribed by Metalheadzone):

“We end up staying at the dream in Hollywood which is right next to that club… Fuck! What was the name of it? Anyway, there is a giant club next door. Tommy was like I’m so tired it’s like twelve, you know it’s like 10 o’clock at night. We were so exhausted we fucking fired drove through the fires to get there. We just wanted to go to bed.

And so, we were like okay, let’s just lay down and call it a night. As soon as our heads hit the pillow it’s like “WHAT YOU WERE…” We were like, what the fuck?! And Tommy like normally his hearing is not even good because he’s played drums for so long, his hearings fucked from all the pyro. But it was so loud that he was like ‘What the fuck?!'”

He opens the door to the balcony and it’s just fucking people everywhere right next to our room. He goes out of the balcony like, ‘Shut the fuck up!’ to a club.”

You can watch the whole podcast below.