Mötley Crüe star Tommy Lee’s beloved wife, Brittany Furlan Lee uploaded her recent podcast, Worst Firsts Podcast with Brittany Furlan and made a really honest statement about when and how she lost her virginity.

You can read the conversation below. (Transcribed by MetalHead Zone).

Brittany Furlan Lee:

“When did you lose your virginity?”

Jo Koy answered:

“I lost it it was with my sister’s best friend. And…”

Brittany Furlan Lee:

“Jesus Christ! I thought you were gonna say with my sister. You know it’s very normal in the Philippines you know I’m saying. Oh my god, I’m dead. So was it good?”

Jo Koy:

“It was so quick. It was like in and out. I think I was 17.”

Brittany Furlan Lee:

“I was 18. Yeah, and I lost it to a heroin addict. It was the worst and i had no idea. He had shot up after we had sex for like he was like a touring musician. I’m not gonna say who was and I thought he was a healthy cool guy.

I met this guy it was like totally romantic he like put his arm in a cab when I was getting in a cab and was like “I have to know your name you’re so beautiful. And I want to take you out.”

I was like oh my god this is how my life is gonna end like this. I was so excited I thought he was gonna be my husband. We end up going on a bunch of dates he’s like the best or having the greatest time ever everything’s great I never had sex before I could never had sex. “Let’s have sex!”

She continued:

“I made him put on two condoms like yes because I’m fucking paranoid psychopath like my mom was always like you’re gonna get AIDS you’re gonna move to California and you’re gonna get a yes that day oh great!

I made him put two condoms on obviously it’s really tight on his dick because it’s two condoms closed so paranoid right so we have sex it’s really painful obviously cuz my first time having sex and we have sex and then we stop having sex. Don’t even think he came cuz it’s too tight on his dick right and so he goes out into the living room and I go with him.

He just pulls out some heroin and starts shooting us what and we’re sitting on the couch in his living room and he starts shooting up. I was horrified I have fucking AIDS yeah I was I have AIDS, yeah and I freaked out! I mean I was like I freaked out what the fuck are you doing dude?”

You can watch the interview below.